Short Stories

To Pee or not to Pee that is the question!

On January 19, 2017 I found my way to the New Brunswick court house for what I thought was my moral, civil and fatherly duty. My son had been involved in a motor vehicle accident in May on his way to a study group on the Rutgers Livingston Campus. However, it was not your “run of the mill” accident. A road raged man tried to kill my son by running him into the median at 55 miles per hour on a rainy Sunday evening on RT 18. My son regained control of his vehicle and had the presence of mind to take out his phone and video the SUV as it tried to get away. My son immediately called 911 to report the road rage while following the vehicle. The police told him to stop following the SUV and they would take it from there. The police never found the car so my son took the video to the police station and had them watch it. After watching it they wrote three tickets to this lunatic.

After six trips to the county court house we finally had our day in court. The honorable Judge Philip A. Borrow was presiding over the case. As we sat in the court room I watched the judge hand out fine after fine. Then a Rutgers college student went up for a ticket he received for urinating in public. The police had broken up an off campus party where the student was attending. While the student was waiting to use the bathroom, they told him he had to leave right then so he left as the officer commanded. He went down the street and did what any normal male would do, he relieved himself. The same police stopped him and gave him a ticket for doing what he wanted to do in the house but couldn’t. The most honorable Judge Philip A. Borrow heard his explanation and then handed out a $500 fine and $33 court fee. After that fine I thought that the honorable Judge Philip A. Borrow would surely throw the book at this bum that hit my son and took off. As the night went on we were the last case to be heard. The prosecutor played the video, the 911 tape and called my son to testify while the crazed lunatic sat there with a smirk on his face. The road raged lunatic testified that he never did anything and didn’t know why he was there. After more than an hour, the trial ended and the honorable Judge Philip A. Borow handed down his verdict. He found that the accident did happen as my son said it did and gave the mad man a $230 fine for careless driving. As he was giving the fine I was wondering what else was to follow but nothing came after it. I listened in amazement because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I want to thank the state for teaching our youth that it is ok to try to kill someone by running them off the road in the rain but just don’t pee on the streets of New Brunswick.