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The most densely populated black bear area in the world lies just 75 miles from New York City. Growing larger than grizzlies, these huge black bears are threatening the inhabitants. Becoming ever more aggressive, these predators are killing livestock, pets and humans. Biologists and New Jersey State officials are in denial, but facts don’t lie. What is causing this? Are increased CO2 levels to blame?

Dave Marshall, along with his men, are hunting these bears to control this outbreak. What they don’t know is that they are caught up in the middle of something much larger and more dangerous.

Things turn even darker when Dave’s six-year-old daughter Sarah is taken.

The real hunt begins!
It takes a special type of person to hunt down and kill 800 pound bears. Dave knows this and uses it to his advantage. What happens when these hunters are turned loose to hunt other evil predators is anyone’s guess.